Homoeopathic Course New Leaf

davidjeffDavid Jeffery is a practitioner of Iridology and Homeopathy. David will be doing a one day course on the 18th May.

David will explain Homeopathic Philosophy (the ideas and explanation for its use) as well as looking at case studies and examples and giving some Homeopathic remedies and their indications for use.

In the Afternoon David will move on to Iridology, the study of the eye, and its uses, showin examples to highlight the differing constitutions and the sensitivities affecting each one with suggestions as to how these sensitiviites may be worked with.

  • A – Z Quick Reference , 
  • Treatment of Minor Conditions in People and Animals,
  • Start up kit demo,
  • With David Jeffries,
  • Saturday 18th of May,
  • In New Leaf Health store Kanturk , Contact 029/51922,
  • Cost Fifty Euro,
  • Time 10am to 4pm.